Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bat Survey to Control Massive Loss of Bat Population

In one of the recent article of wall street journal released on April-2011, the issue of massive loss in bat population was discussed and explained why bat survey in UK is required. Ecology consultants have warned to the environmental department UK as more than 70% decrease is found in bat population of Britain. This declining graph has started after the year 1950. The ecology scientists are considering the loss of bat population as the loss of nature in Britain. There are various reasons for this sudden decline of bat population like loss of habitat, loss of food, loss of roosting sites and light pollution. In London, there are some places where it seems like daylight for the whole night; it's like the city is bathing with light at night.

All these human interventions, irrespective of the fact done intentionally or unintentionally, have cause rapid decline in the bat population of Britain. Thus, the Britain government has ruled an act to protect this most endangered species. In UK, it is a crime to:
  • Kill or injure bat
  • Create disturbance near bat roosts or habitats
  • destroy bat roosts
  • Selling bat or any organ of bat
  • Obstruct access to a bat roost
To protect bat population, Bat conservation trust has been established in 1990. This trust monitor the bat population by conducting regular bat surveys. The results of bat surveys are used as an indicator of biodiversity by the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Affairs). As per the law in UK, if you are developing property or buying a land then you must contact the ecology consultants and submit the survey report of bat population. Not abiding these laws may put you in jail or charge you big amount. The government has also right to halt your development work. Thus, it is advisable to contact the professional ecological consultancy firm to get resolution in a way that your development process doesn't stop and even bats do not get harmed.