Friday, 24 June 2011

Tree Surveys Necessary for Any Property Owner/Developer

Tree surveys are basically means to achieve one definite end – to be in the know of number of trees around your vicinity and to make sure whether they are danger to the people or buildings. Since it is a very specialized job, it is necessary that it is taken care of by specialized professionals as well i.e. environmental engineers or qualified arboriculturalist. Hence, tree surveys are not just the prerogative of developers, but anybody who wants to own a property may be in need of such surveys. The major task of the environmental engineers is to exactly find out where the trees are located. Having identified it, they should also be able to mark those positions on a topographical site survey plan as well as the location of the stems, tag number, species and canopy spreads.

Generally, such neatly written results of tree surveys enable you to see summary table with cross references to the tree's tag number and species which then gives the idea of age and safety of the trees. Apart from these important aspects of any tree survey, another important aspect is to find out whether any of the trees mentioned has the tag of Tree Preservation Order. Now, if the tree mentioned by environmental engineers does have this tag, a special permission to carry out any development work on that specific tree needs to be taken. Also, if tree surveys identify any tree under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, they also need to be take care of. Hence, tree surveys are indeed a great way to know what are the hurdles in terms of nurturing the environment and conserving the biodiversity. Generally, it is not an issue with having trees that are well-protected and well-maintained. Tree surveys then are essential in any property development work in United Kingdom and they need to be carried out by expert environmental engineers.