Monday, 7 March 2011

Giant Hogweed is Dangerous for Humans & Plants. Its Eradication is Inevitable!

Giant Hogweed is an invasive plant and phototoxic in nature which makes it highly hazardous for the human beings. If the human skin gets in contact with the sap, a chemical released by Gaint Hogweed which is sensitive to sun exposure, can cause severe skin inflammations and blistering. The blistering caused gradually turns in to the burns which can get more severe. In some cases the victims have to be hospitalized. Moreover the burns when cured leaves scars which can last for years.

Giant Hogweed can tremendously hurt human beings, if its toxic chemical sap gets into the human eye it can cause life time blindness. This phototoxic chemical is present in its leaves, roots, flowers, seeds and stem. This is not the limit; Giant Hogweed is indeed a predator for other native species of plants. As the name refers Giant Hogweed is very giant in size, it has large leaves and very strong deep roots which does not allow sunlight or any nutrients to reach to other plants and gradually destroy our native plants. Therefore to eradicate this killer weed is highly important if you want to save your landscape or property from destruction.

Being highly found in the UK and European territories the UK legislation, under Section 14(2) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 , has declared that growing or planting a Giant Hogweed is a criminal offence and guilty person is entitled to pay penalty of £5000 or also can be arrested for 6 months imprisonment. There are many ecological consultants who have expertise in controlling and eradicating Giant Hogweed.

Giant Hogweed produces more than 50,000 seeds every season, it means even if you cut the grown once, thousands of weeds are waiting down the ground to come up and take there place. Ecological Consultants adopt various manual and chemical treatments using herbicides to destroy the spread of Giant hogweed right from its roots.