Saturday, 5 February 2011

Japanese Knotweed Control & Treatment to Save Landscapes

Japanese Knotweed is an origin of eastern Asia in Japan, China and Korea. It has grown successfully and spreading across the North America and the UK. The characteristic of this plant the makes it the world’s most invasive species of plant is that once it is grown in one any part of the land, it will spread across whole land and ruin the landscape or gardens.

This invasive weed is have long and dense cluster of stems like a bamboo and with flowers. It can grow as tall as 13 feets. Though it appears beautiful and does not harm humans, it can destroy the landscapes, properties, road ways, gardens, house, monuments, buildings etc. drastically. Even if you cut the stems or burn them, they will come back and rapidly spreads underground. If the Japanese Knotweed is grown it will not allow other plants in the area to get sunlight or required nutrition under soil. And the only survival will be the killer weed. Hence its control and treatment is very important.

If any property or land, where Japanese knotweed is found, will not be receive a proper value in real estate or might no one buy it. In such circumstances an Ecology consultancy can provide a control and treatment to get rid of this invasive Japanese Knotweed. The ecology consultancy can conduct ecology friendly chemical treatments to destroy this plant. Treatments such as spraying of herbicides and Soil steaming are popular ways to control Japanese Knotweed.

A chef might like to use Japanese Knotweed in preparing tangy dishes, but on other hand if you are gardener or a property owner, it becomes highly necessary destroy this devastating wild plant for protecting properties and saving other herbs. The services of ecology consultancy having specialization in invasive species treatment and control will definitely be an ideal option to adopt.