Monday, 12 September 2011

Code For Sustainable Homes Challenges Home Builders to Build Unique Homes

A code for sustainable homes is a way of U.K. Government to contribute constructively to the efforts of conserving environment. It was officially introduced in 2006 and was launched as a voluntary standard in England in 2007. The Government, along with Building Research Establishment (BRE) and Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) and Senior Steering Group, has established this code. The aim of the code is to bind the Nation with one single standard as to guide the design and construction of sustainable homes. It drives the administration in the form of continuous improvement, uniqueness and accomplishment when it comes to design and develop homes at new sites.

Environmental consultancy who guide their customers right from the beginning, i.e. designing phase to construction, should keep in mind what is a code for sustainable homes is and how it works. An environmental consultant knows that the code supports the system of Energy Performance Certificates for new homes introduced in 2008. This is done under the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The code builds on the most recent changes to Building Regulations in England and Wales.

The U.K. Government made it mandatory to follow a code for sustainable homes for all new homes from May 2008. Though, no specific star as per the rating system or assessment requirements were set, the rating means that each and every new home builder will know what are the standards against which they need to build their new homes, whether they are being followed in new construction according to the set standards. Such rating system and standards allow builders and designers to be more innovative in their designs and constructions. It also gives them challenge to design and build their homes which are of higher standard and follow a code for sustainable homes. Also, information regarding this code would be put across regularly thereby making people more informed about such code and regulation. This would make them demanding, and their environment consultant too would be forced to follow a code for sustainable homes.