Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Why Bat Survey is Required?

Man is blindly progressing the technology and infrastructure which has caused the end of many species. Bat is also affected by the development of our society. In last few years, it is observed that bat population is decreasing by manifold and if this continues then a day will come when the species will no more found on our planet. Bat survey is conducted in Britain and Europe when you start any development affecting them.

Bat's original food source is in Britain and once in a year they fly to Britain or UK using echolocation method. But because of the high rise buildings, ruined forests and pollution they are not able to feed themselves. Also, these days farmers are making extensive use of pesticides which is also one of the reason in destroying this flying mammal. The developments like canal construction or redesigning, corporate building development, etc may affect the linear features like woodland edges thus it is important to conduct bat survey in such cases.

In UK, there are legal lows regarding bat survey to prevent this habitat. This survey is conducted by the expert environmental engineers who know all the legal aspect and the ecological science to conduct this survey. If you choose any consultancy to conduct survey on bat population then ensure that environmental engineer conducting survey has natural england license to do this. Ensure how the ecologists conduct survey on bat and which instrument they are using.

Ecologists of the reputed and experienced firm have scientific instruments known as detectors which recognize and record the bat echolocation calls. Each species has unique frequency of call thus the instrument is able to isolate bat echolocation calls from calls of others. The scientists give the complete report of roost and total population of bats in the area under survey. Government also take help of such ecological consultancy firm to prevent species by creating artificial roosts and path for food.