Monday, 25 April 2011

Tree Surveys - Just a Small Step Showing Genuine Concern for Environment

It can be a lament or cynicism by the most wanted entity on the Earth in today’s context. Tree surveys are among many things that the Earth should or can do to stop worsening of the environment on this planet. As the census of human beings has its own value so as the value of tree surveys. The common benefit of any census or tree surveys is to get the correct information about the surveyed. The thing in question here is tree. The world now is more exposed to heat wave, land erosion, and many unprecedented natural disasters most recent being Tsunami in Japan and consequent nuclear danger looming large over the mankind. In such a scenario, it has rather become more imperative to protect the environment in order to maintain ecological balance on the planet.

But, tree surveys is not an individual task, it rather touches to the nations and governments. And therefore it has geo-political connotation to it as well. Governments or semi-government organizations often take the help of ecology consultancy service providers to conduct such surveys. Professional ecologists have experience of conducting surveys of protected species and habitat surveys. Having sound ecological assessments, such ecology consultancy is also associated with planners and landscape architects so as to observe carefully any development projects harming trees or vice versa. Many a times, there are some trees that may be harmful for human habitat. If thorough tree surveys are conducted by professional ecology consultancy, such factors affecting human population too can be dealt with proper understanding and care. Though, environmentalists or ecologists have made a career out of the overtly damaged state of environment, to protect the environment is not just a “specialized” responsibility of a few. It is indeed a collective responsibility of all who are the inhabitants of this Earth!