Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Giant hogweed creates giant problems, needs help of ecology consultancy

Giant hogweed belongs to a class of weeds that can create havoc to the rest of the natural resources as well as to the human well-being. It is considered enormously injurious to public at large because of toxins that its watery sap emanates causing photo-dermatitis. Originally, Giant hogweed used to grow in Asia and then was expanded to other parts of the world. In Washington State, the government has clear guidelines to manage this injurious weed precisely because it looks like native plant cow parsnip. The state has clearly said that it is difficult to manage Giant hogweed on your own and it is necessary to take the help of reliable and experienced ecology consultancy. This apparent risk and injurious nature of Giant hogweed has also made Washington state advice people contact a program specially charted out to manage this injurious Giant weed.

Giant weed belonging to parsley family is huge in size as its name hints at. When it is in the form of flower it reaches to a height of 10 to 15 feet and contains hollow stems. Tainted with reddish-purple blots, it has 2 to 4 inches diameter. Its breeding period is from mid-May through July. During this time, the white flowers get clustered together giving it a shape of an umbrella as if it’s yet another canopy under the greatest canopy hanging up above the earth. Ecology consultancy is required to eradicate this Giant weed because it can grow anywhere taking toll of other natural resources. Resilient to shade, Giant weed loves to grow in total sun light destroying healthy turf. It also loves moist areas like stream sides, backyards, ravines, parks, deserted lands, woods and roadsides. If Giant hogweed happens to cause any skin contact and if the skin is exposed to sun light after that contact, there are going to be burning blisters that can develop into purplish or blackened scars. It is because of this uncertainty of its growth; Giant weed needs ecology consultancy to get it removed completely.