Monday, 3 January 2011

Ecological Consultant Can Help With Great Crested Newt and Reptile Fencing

Declining numbers of many reptile species especially great crested newt has raised an alarm for the government to initiate measures for their protection and rehabilitation. The government has also been alert in this regards and has laid down several laws which protect these endangered species; thereby making it necessary for companies to hire ecological consultant who can help them establish compliance with all the legal provisions laid down.

You need an ecological consultant for the job because they have complete knowledge of government provisions related to the protection of great crested newt and other reptile species. Only an ecological consultant can guide you through what can be done to comply with the provisions.

Whether your development project falls into the criterion or not can be known by contacting the state development department. If it does then you will have to look for an ecological consultant who can do the task effectively for you. Hiring a team of ecological consultants than an independent ecological consultant is much better so that you can benefit from large knowledge pool.

Ecological consultant will first survey the place to get an idea of reptile population in the area and suggest different things which can be done to comply with the provisions led down. One of the best and an often suggested option is to go for reptile fencing around the site area. Reptile fencing will ensure that they do not disturb us and we do not disturb them.

Reptile fencing can be either temporary or permanent depending on your choice. Which type of fencing you will need depends on the reptile population in your area. Whichever type of fencing you select one thing that will remain common is that fencing should be laid atleast 4-5 inches from under the ground. Many ecological consultants are able to provide even reptile fencing services.