Friday, 27 November 2009

Is Exclusion Fencing the best way forword for your project!!!!!

Southern Ecological Solutions often use Managed Displacement to passively move protected species such as slow worms, common lizards and water voles from development areas. These sensitive habitat manipulation techniques are frequently associated with low level physical capture and translocation in most cases. By passively moving animals they are exposed to less stress and associated harm and there is often a reduced level of physical effort required, meaning the cost of translocating protected species can be greatly reduced.

It is important when considering managed displacement to assess adjacent habitat and the population status of the species being encouraged to passively move. Southern Ecological Solutions have carried out managed displacement on many projects and even as an alternative to amphibian and reptile fencing in some cases. If your project meets the strict criteria, managed displacement can be used in conjunction with wildlife fencing to further speed up the process.